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Oil Field Safety Services

Safety equipment and safety services for the entire Permian Basin

H2S Monitoring

Take action to create the ideal respiratory environment for your crew.


We have the largest team of H2S Specialists in the Permian Basin.

That means we’re never maxed out. No matter how big the job we can service your site.


With locations in Midland and Pecos, we’re positioned to be there as fast as possible.

We deliver protection backed by our in-house professionals.

We have expertise in industrial breathing-air systems, gas detection, and contingency planning.

That means you get a custom service package to fit your specific needs, ensure your safety, and protect your people.

Air Trailers

Portable. On-site. Built with quality in mind.

Each trailer contains a 4,500 PSI cascade system.

Confirmed Grade D breathing air:

We test, inspect, and fill our own cascade systems.

Refillable: Our mobile air trailers also offer refilling capabilities for your permanent cascade systems.


These monitors deliver the latest in toxic & combustible gas detection technology.

While certified for use in Class 1 and Div 1 explosion-proof installations, it remains both reliable and easy to use.

Available in both single and dual channel models.

Cooling Trailers

Keep your crew going by keeping them cool.

Cooling trailers provide a simple way to prevent fatigue, heat stress, and heat stroke.

Each trailer is equipped with two 6-foot benches, which can comfortably seat 4 to 6 people each.

Flow Line Restraints

When flow lines aren’t secure, you significantly increase the risk of costly damage, injury, and even death.

The Flow Line Safety Restraint System is designed to help provide damage control and line failures during high-pressure pumping operations.


We make sure things are done right. Our field techs use the half-hitch method before AND after every connection. That means if something breaks, the connections will hold.

Peace of Mind: Add peace of mind knowing you have done the work of securing your frac location.

Easy Installation: Restraints are designed to set up with ease. Saving you time.

Compliance Verified: Each component features an identification badge so customers can verify their items are in compliance.

Reliable Performance: The Rental Fleet undergoes regular thorough inspection to make sure they perform as expected.

Spill Containment

Limit remediation costs. Reduce your EPA fines.

Leave a cleaner footprint for the landowners and environment.

Whether it’s for drums, tanks, equipment or vehicles, we’ve got your spill containment covered.

Our containment systems are both SPCC and EPA compliant and are designed to make containment convenient.


  • Spill Containment Berms
  • Drum Spill Pallets
  • Spill Decks
  • Containment Sumps
  • Utility Trays
  • and a whole lot more

Emergency Shower Trailers

In the event of an accident, our on-site shower stations provide immediate and effective first-aid treatment.

When you’ve got acid on your arm, you shouldn’t be worried about starting the generator.

Our trailers are insulated, self-monitoring, and built to be ready no matter the weather.

That means they work when they’re supposed to work without someone babysitting it.

Equipped with A/C and Heat, they also provide a convenient means for crew members to escape extreme heat and cold weather.

  • On-board Onan Quiet Diesel 8500 Watt Generator
  • Shower delivers a True 20 Gallons per minute
  • Shower meets ANSI Z358.1-2009
  • Eyewash meets ANSI Z358.1-2004
  • 1HP Variable Speed Pump for Safety Shower & Eyewash
  • Shower area ramp door with weather curtain
  • Spray in Liner in Shower & 12” up Walls
  • 5 Gal Electric Water Heater for Tempered Water Circulating System
  • 300 Gal. Tempered Fresh Water System
  • 300 Gal. Waste Water Containment Tank with Tank Level Monitor
  • 1500 W. Wall Mount Heater – 1 in closet and 1 in Shower Room
  • 7’ Interior Height
  • Flourscent Interior Lighting & Amber LED Exterior Lighting
  • Air Conditioned & Heater Unit (15000 BTU) Roof Mount – Ducted

Wellhead Stands

The Wellhead Stand System is designed to provide a safe platform for work during completion or while making repairs.

Each stand comes with an attached ladder painted with high-visibility paint and reflective tape.

It’s is also adjustable, so whatever size you need, it will fit.


Installation and tear downs are performed by trained and dependable safety technicians.

Light Towers

If you’re working in the dark, we’ve got you covered. Our light towers will light up your location to provide visibility and safety for you and your team.

Trash Trailers

Keeping your location clean is a critical part of maintaining environmental standards. Our trash trailers make it easy to minimize your footprint while getting the job done.

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Calling separate vendors for separate services is a drain on your time. But with Safety Solutions, you get it all with just one quick call.

PPE, H2S Monitors, On-Site Shower and Air Stations, First Aid Kits, Fire Extinguisher Sales & Service, On-Site or In-House Training and everything in between. If it's about your safety, we've got you covered.


Equipment that Works

We're committed to helping your team get the job done.

You should never have to stop a job because of faulty safety equipment.

That's why all Safety Solutions equipment is inspected three times before it lands on your job site. We make sure our equipment works so that you can too.


Any Job. Any Time.

If you're at work, then so are we. Safety Solutions has the largest team of field techs in the Permian Basin.

No job is too big, and no days are off limits. Whatever you need, we're here to help you win.


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We're 100% committed to your team's safety which means whatever you need, today or tomorrow, we're here for you.

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